I can offer a one on one mentoring class to inspire and empower you by helping you assess your goals, develop a plan and address any areas of the dance you are struggling with. Whether you want to improve a specific detail of your dance understand middle eastern dance and all its styles and nuances and become a more versatile belly dance artist.
Amera Eid Belly Dancing


Every dancer has moments of doubt, feels discouraged or is in need of a boost. It’s hard to always feel motivated, especially if you have experienced setbacks. Amera understand this, firsthand, and offers important insights and encouragement, motivation, perspective and honest feedback.


Amera has acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience with 30+ years as an International Belly dance Artist. No matter where you are in your dance journey, Amera will help you take control of your career and avoid the pitfalls and common mistakes made by young, and veteran dancers, alike. Contact me below.

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