What Makes Our Kaftans Unique?

The fabric is exclusively designed and printed. Each design is mindfully inspired by sunrises, sunsets, and memorable experiences of exotic lands, places, and people, and encompasses a moment, a time, and a story. One size fits all. Silk blend. Length is 110 cm.

Meet Amera Eid

Founder and Designer of Amera Eid Kaftans

Welcome to my Amera Eid website. No matter which facet of my life that has brought you here, this is an opportunity to know more about the things I am passionate about and why.

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Free flowing, romantic, and effortless comfort describe our ready-to-wear designs.

Inspired by endless summer, where the ocean meets the sky, and the sands of time and wind create the expanse of deserts and dunes.

Discover Our Kaftans

The Amera Eid Label captures the freedom of a leisurely coastal lifestyle, precious memories of exotic locations, and sinking your toes in wet sand while walking along the seashore and feeling the freshness of the sea breeze on your face and hair.

Wearing our label inspires confidence and feminity.

Our in-house designs create unique pieces and develop original prints in diverse fabrics and textures whilst striving to minimize the impact on the environment.

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Designed in Australia

Each design is created with care and love and inspired with sunrises, sunsets, and memorable experiences of exotic lands, places, and people.

You will enjoy making a statement when wearing this luxurious and unique piece of clothing.

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