Therapeutic Egyptian Belly Dance at Caves Beach

Group classes are on Tuesday evenings 6pm.
Located at Peachy Studio 60 Caves Beach Road, Caves Beach NSW 2281 

Next 4 week course commences 13th August 2024 .

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear/bring?
Wear comfortable, flexible attire that allows for easy movement:

Remember always hydrate your body and bring a bottle of water.

Don't let age, weight, or fitness level hold you back from dancing – you're ready to
hit the dance floor just as you are!  Embrace the diversity of dancers, spanning all ages, body types, and fitness levels. Classes often welcome girls aged 4 to women aged 75, catering to various abilities.

Discover a fresh love for movement and dance with exotic Middle Eastern music, vibrant colours, veils, hip scarves, and the camaraderie of dancing with other women. Whether you're already in good shape or looking for a new challenge, Egyptian dancing offers a unique physical and mental experience as you explore new ways to move your body.

Starting a new dance class
is like starting any other program of physical activity: check with your doctor first and let the teacher know, especially if you have back and joint problems, are very overweight or unfit, or are pregnant. 

I have never danced in my life. Can I, do it?

Give it a try! The movements of Egyptian dance are natural to women's bodies, and in
many cultures, girls grow up dancing, without ever taking classes. Egyptian dance moves are explained so that you understand them and your own body.

Can I bring my child(ren) with me?

Mothers are welcome to bring their daughters as young as 4 years old if they are mature
enough to participate. When enrolling with a paying adult, and if space permits in the class, girls under 18 are half price. The adult is expected to take responsibility for their child and ensure class is not disrupted. Women aged 14 and over may enrol
individually with parental permission (at full price).

Where are the classes held?
This weekly class is at Peachy studio 60 Caves Beach Road, Caves Beach

Do you teach private classes, group classes or workshops?
Always keep an eye on my website and subscribe to my updates.

Please contact me individually to discuss on 0412 0099 83 or email me at

Please arrive at least Five to ten minutes before the scheduled class time.

Give yourself a realistic amount of time for travel, parking, signing in and getting
changed. It is important to participate in the warm-up to prepare your body for
the rest of the class.

How long are the classes?
All classes are minimum one hour (1 hour) long and may go over time for private classes.

Stretching and warm up and cool down are incorporated in the class – again your welcome to bring a yoga mat or a towel to lie down on if we do stretches on the floor.

Terms and Conditions :

Weekly Classes  
Bookings are essential as the venue we are using has a maximum number This can be done by SMS/Phone or email. Price for weekly classes start from $25 a person.

Curated private group classes for women are available.
The minimum number of people required is 8, with prices starting at $35 per person for an hour or based on a customized experience arrangement.

Private classes - Performance and for Personal training  
Bookings by email. These classes are per person and no more than 2 in a class. POA

Amera Eid - Belly Dancing for beginners video.

Movement & Dance at Caves Beach .

There is no other dance that exists in as many variations and interpretations as Egyptian dance in every part of the world. It is from this almost limitless diversity that Egyptian dance is important not only in terms of genre but also in terms of its name: the
original ‘Raqs Sharki,’ or Oriental Dance’ or known in the west as “Belly dance“.