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Baddara Khoos Bag Handmade in Egypt

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Approx 27CM X 50CM

Made of wicker, which is palm fronds, where braids are braided and assembled as a main material with a hand of leather or colored cotton threads, and embroidered with drawings and decorations of fronds inspired by the Oasis heritage, and where it is considered one of the inherited crafts and famous for which the countries of the Mediterranean basin.


  • Embroidered khoos with a canvas pod inside

About Baddara

Traditional handmade products turn them into modern everyday utilities that fit the needs of daily life while creating channels of social and economic empowerment to female handicrafts in several regions.

 Environmentally-friendly handmade products from palm residues, especially palm wicker products sourced from many regions in Egypt including the New Valley, Dahshour, and Nubia.

Baddara,  in the Siwa language, means a whisk basket, and Baddara – like many others – has a unique story that is worth knowing about.

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