Cave Woman Australia

Cave Woman Australia  is a small online and pop up shop I have in Caves Beach NSW. Here you will find some of my favourite gift items beachwear, kaftans, gifts, candles and local artisans.

Cave Dog Australia

Cave Dog Australia is an online boutique I set up for my dog Rocket  (we all need to work in this family!) .  We have developed a line of shampoos and dog spritzer which are hyper allergenic and smell absolutely divine!  We also support Oh Crap Poo Bags as they are biodegradable !

The Beach Kaftan

The Beach Kaftan is my latest blog and article site with lots of things about the beach, it is my work in progress as I learn to make websites and dabble in a little affiliate marketing.

Business opportunities

I love to write about different topics which interest me. What better way than to share my entrepreneurial ideas? I was drawn to Wealthy affiliate as I enjoy reviewing products, shopping and the buy and sell aspect of incorporating affiliate marketing into some of my posts.

When I found out about Wealthy Affiliate my first thought was it was a fast way to make a dollar, but it is not.

What I found was much more and the training has been invaluable to me. Another exciting discovery  was a community of trainers and other affiliates who really help you learn and grow through teaching you about the online world  and give amazing feedback.

If your interested please feel free to click on this link below and find out more about Wealthy Affiliate.